How I Outline My Work

I have helped hundreds of clients and colleagues to realise their potential as leaders in both their careers and personal lives since 1989. 


My 'Why' is to build strong and trusting relationships that enable me to help people and orgainsations become the best they can be.


Helping people realise their potential gives me a real buzz - I have a real passion for my work.  I meet people where they are at and mainly utilise the GROW model in my coaching.  I am a big believer in Authentic Leadership (Bill Goerge), Truly Human Leadership (Bob Chapman), The Power of WHY (Simon Sinek), Servant Leadership and Emotional Intelligence (Daniel Goleman), amongst others.


My time in WhyNot has helped hone my skills around Culture Transformation, Right to Left thinking, and Adaptive Leadership.


To coach effectively, I believe in 'coaching in the moment'.  This may involve helping my client think through how they are going to manage a key meeting or communication, observing how it goes and then providing feedback on what I observed.

I deliver high-impact, results-oriented coaching to individuals and teams. I work with executives, managers and entrepreneurs. I am not there to tell you what you want to hear, therefore my clients can find me quite challenging.


Although face-to-face time is important, I also use the phone, Zoom & MS Teams to conduct coaching where necessary, as this is sometimes more practical and cost effective.